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FLKcinema Terms of Use

Flkcinema.com aka FLKRare provides Asian movie fanatics in the western hemisphere the opportunity to BUY RARE kung fu movies, and a subscription service that allows our members to access RARE kung fu movies STREAMED over the Internet to certain Internet-connected TVs, computers and other devices. These Terms of Use give you an understanding Flkcinema.com aka FLKRare service works. As used in these Terms of Use, "Flkcinema.com aka FLKRare service", "our service" or "the service" means the personalised service provided by Flkcinema.com aka FLKRare for buying our products and watching Flkcinema.com aka FLKRare content, including all features and functionalities, recommendations and reviews, the website, and user interfaces and services.

  1. Membership

    1.1. Your Flkcinema.com aka FLKRare membership will continue until terminated for streaming services. Buying Our Movies
    a total separate sector of our business. To utilise Flkcinema.com aka FLKRare streaming service you must have Internet access and a Flkcinema.com aka FLKRare account. You must also provide us with a monthly Payment Method to utilise our streaming services. “Payment Method” means a current, valid, accepted method of payment, as may be updated from time to time, and which may include payment through your online account with a third party. Unless you terminate your membership before your billing date, you authorise us to charge the membership fee for the next monthly billing cycle via your Payment Method (see "Cancellation" below).

    1.2. We have 3 different membership plans for online streaming. Our streaming plans are strictly ASIAN MOVIES with the English language Dubbed or Mandarin - Cantonese with English subtitles. You can also DOWNLOAD by way of purchase online your RARE COLLECTORS and FAVORITE Kung Fu movies found in our catalog directly from our website. To know more about Flkcinema.com aka FLKRare membership click on Account” once you signed in to the website.
  2. We may from time to time offer special promotional offers, plans, or memberships (“Offers”). All offer eligibility is determined by Flkcinema.com aka FLKRare at its sole discretion and we reserve the right to withdraw an Offer and put your account on hold if we determine you are not eligible. Members of households with an existing or recent Flkcinema.com aka FLKRare membership may not be eligible for certain introductory Offers. We may use information such as device ID, method of payment, or an account email address used with an existing or recent Flkcinema.com aka FLKRare membership to determine Offer eligibility.
  3. Cancellation and Billing 

    Billing & Payments. All payment tees due to Flkcinema.com aka FLKRare will be charged to your Payment Method on the specific payment date indicated on the "Account" page. The period of your billing cycle will depend on the type of subscription plan that you have chosen when you signed-up for our service. In some cases your payment date may change, for example if your Payment Method has not successfully settled, when you change your subscription plan or if your paid membership began on a day later in one given month. Check our website and click on the "Billing details" link in your
    "Account" page to see your next payment cycle date. We may authorize your Payment Method in anticipation of membership or service-related charges through various methods, including authorizing it for up to approximately one month of service as soon as you register. If you signed up for Flkcinema.com aka FLKRare using your account with a third party as a Payment Method it will not be accepted unless it's a direct family member. Please this a precautionary step to protect the account holders.

    3.2. Methods Of Payment. To use the Flkcinema.com aka FLKRare service you will be asked to provide one or more Payment Methods. You authorise us to charge any Payment Method associated with your account in case your primary Payment Method is inoperable or no longer valid to make payments for your subscription fee. You remain responsible for any non-payments in your amount. If payment is not successfully concluded due to expiration, insufficient funds, or otherwise, and you do not cancel your account, we will suspend your access to the service until we have successfully made a valid Payment alternative. For some Payment Methods, the issuer may charge you certain fees, such as foreign transaction fees or other fees relating to the processing of your Payment Method. Local tax charges may vary depending on the Payment Method used. Check with your Payment Method service provider for details.

    3.3. Updating Alternative Payment Methods. You may update your Payment Methods by going to the "Account" page. We can also update your Payment Methods using the information provided by the payment service providers. Following any update, you authorise us to continue to charge the applicable Payment Method(s).

    3.4. Cancellation. You can cancel your Flkcinema.com aka FLKRare membership at any time, and you will continue to have access to the Flkcinema.com aka FLKRare service through the end of your billing period. To the extent permitted by the applicable law, payments are non-refundable and we do not provide refunds or credits for any partial membership periods or unwatched Flkcinema.com aka FLKRare content. To cancel, go to the "Account" page and follow the requirements for cancellation. If you cancel your membership, your account will automatically close immediately and you will not be able to reinstate the account for 3 months. To see when your account will close, click Billing details" on the "Account" page. We do not allow accounts to be opened by third-party payment plans. However, if the member is known to us we will consider it by way of online contact to discuss a way forward.

    3.5.Subscription price plan changes will not take place without notifications. Changes to your subscription plans will apply no earlier than 30 days following notice to you.

  4. Flkcinema.com aka FLKRare Service

    4.1. The age limit for registration is 18 years of age or the age of majority in the country you reside to become a member of the Flkcinema.com aka FLKRare service. If you are underage you may only use the service under the supervision of a parent or responsible adult.

    4.2. The Flkcinema.com aka FLKRare service and any content viewed through the service is for your personal and non-commercial use only and may not be shared with individuals beyond your household. Flkcinema.com aka FLKRare membership we grant you a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable right to access the Flkcinema.com aka FLKRare service and view Flkcinema.com aka FLKRare content. Except for the foregoing, no right, title or interest shall be transferred to you. You also agree not to use the service for public performances.

    4.3. The use of Flkcinema.com aka FLKRare content primarily within the country in which you have established your account and only in geographic locations where we offer our service and have licensed our content. The content that may be available to watch will vary by geographic location and will change from time to time. The number of devices on which you may simultaneously watch depends on your chosen subscription plan and is specified on the "
    Account" page.

    4.4. The Flkcinema.com aka FLKRare service, including the content library, is regularly updated. In addition, we continually test various aspects of our service, including our website, user interfaces, promotional features, and availability of Flkcinema.com aka FLKRare content.

  5. 5.1. Some Flkcinema.com aka FLKRare content is not available for download and is only available online only. The maximum number of devices that can is specified on your Account Page.

    5.2. You agree to use the Flkcinema.com aka FLKRare service, including all features and functionalities associated therewith, by all applicable rules and regulations as stipulated in our Terms Of Use or other restrictions on the use of the service or content therein. These Terms of Use content and information contained on or obtained from or through the Flkcinema.com aka FLKRare service must be strictly observed to avoid disconnection. You also agree not to: circumvent, remove, alter, deactivate, degrade or thwart any of the content protections in the Flkcinema.com aka FLKRare service and to refrain from the use of any robot, spider, scraper, or other automated means to access the Flkcinema.com aka FLKRare service. In addition, you agree not to upload, post, e-mail or otherwise send or transmit any material designed to interrupt, destroy or limit the functionality of any computer software or hardware or telecommunications equipment associated with the Flkcinema.com aka FLKRare service, including any software viruses or any other computer code, files or programs. We will terminate or restrict your use of our service if you violate these Terms of Use.  

  6. 6.1. The Quality specifications that Flkcinema.com aka FLKRare content may vary from device to device, and may be affected by a variety of factors, such as your location, the bandwidth available through, and/or speed of your Internet connection. HD, Ultra HD, and HDR availability will be subject to your Internet service and device capabilities. Not all content is available in all formats, such as HD, Ultra HD, or HDR and not all subscription plans allow you to receive content in all formats. Default playback settings on cellular networks exclude HD, Ultra HD, and HDR content. The minimum connection speed for SD quality is 1.0 Mbps; however, we strongly recommend a faster connection for improved picture quality. A download speed of at least 3.0 Mbps per stream is recommended to receive HD content (defined as a resolution of 720p or higher). A download speed of at least 15.0 Mbps per stream is recommended to receive Ultra HD (defined as a resolution of 4K or higher). You are responsible for all your Internet access charges. Please check with your Internet provider for information on possible Internet data usage charges or upgrades.  

  7. 7.1. Flkcinema.com aka FLKRare is in the process of developing APP software for use with your devices.  
  8. Passwords and Access. The member who created the Flkcinema.com aka FLKRare account and whose Payment Method is charged (the "Account Owner") is responsible for any activity that occurs through the Flkcinema.com aka FLKRare account. To maintain control over the account and to prevent anyone from accessing the account (which would include information on viewing history for the account), the Account Owner should maintain control over the Flkcinema.com aka FLKRare ready devices that are used to access the service and not reveal the password or details of the Payment Method associated with the account to anyone. You are responsible for updating and maintaining the accuracy of the information you provide to us relating to your account. We can terminate your account or place your account on hold to protect you, Flkcinema.com aka FLKRare, or our partners from identity theft or other fraudulent activity.
  9. Warranties and Liabilities. The Flkcinema.com aka FLKRare service is provided "as is" and without warranty or condition. In particular, our service may not be uninterrupted or error-free. You waive all special, indirect, and consequential damages against us. These terms will not limit any non-waivable warranties or consumer protection rights that you may be entitled to under the mandatory laws of your country of residence.

  10. Miscellaneous

    10.1. Unsolicited Materials. Flkcinema.com aka FLKRare does not accept unsolicited materials or ideas for Flkcinema.com aka FLKRare content and is not responsible for the similarity of any of its content or programming in any media to materials or ideas transmitted to Flkcinema.com aka FLKRare.

    10.2. Customer Support. To find more information about our service and its features or if you need assistance with your account, please visit the Flkcinema.com aka FLKRare
    Help Hub on our website. In certain instances, Customer Service may best be able to assist you by using a remote access support tool through which we have full access to your computer. If you do not want us to have this access, you should not consent to support through the remote access tool, and we will assist you through other means. In the event of any conflict between these Terms of Use and information provided by Customer Support or other portions of our website, these Terms of Use will control.

    10.3. Changes to Terms of Use utilising Flkcinema.com aka FLKRare may, from time to time, change these Terms of Use. We will notify you of any changes on our website where applicable.  
  11. Online Communications. We will send you information relating to your account (e.g. payment authorisations, invoices, changes in password or Payment Method, in electronic form only, for example via emails to your email address provided during registration.

Last Updated: July 30, 2021

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