Classic Ladies Of Kung Fu


Ching Ling aka (Pearl Cheung Ling)

Pearl Cheung Ling, a classic lady of Kung Fu with a difference, has starred in many classic Swordplay movies and dominated the classic swordplay movie scene from the 70s/80s era. She has stunning looks and is indeed a beauty queen of Kung Fu cinema.

Pearl Cheung Ling is a marvelous actress with high-profile roles alongside many top male actors, such as Lo Leih, who dies in the opening scene of her classic swordplay movie MY BLADE, MY LIFE. In this movie, Pearl Cheung Ling plays a crippled swordswoman who only draws her sword to kill with one single stroke. The film features an all-star cast, also starring Yue Hua as her villainous enemy.

Pearl Cheung Ling has starred in many movies from the 70s/80s genre, with many must-see classics. FLK have nominated Pearl Cheung Ling as the Top Lady of Classic Kung Fu Swordplay movies. Other classics and must-see films from this classic lady of Kung Fu include DARK LADY OF KUNG FU, GENERAL INVINCIBLE, and INVINCIBLE SWORDSWOMAN. Her rarest movies are CHINA ARMED ESCORT, MATCHING ESCORT, WITTY HAND WITTY SWORD, and BLAZING MONASTERY, and her super rare movie is WAR OF THE BOUNDARY and MIRACULOUS FLOWER, where she stars alongside the classic fox Chang Yi.

Chia Ling aka (Judy Lee)

Judy Lee, hailed as the queen of Kung Fu and the undisputed No. 1 contender for the title of Classic Ladies of Kung Fu of all time, holds a special place in the hearts of enthusiasts. Recognized as the most sought-after classic lady of Kung Fu star globally, she has graced numerous timeless classics, including QUEEN BOXER, BLAZING TEMPLE, A GIRL NAMED IRON PHOENIX, SHAOLIN INVINCIBLES, FEMALE CHIVALRY, FLYING TIGERS (aka 7 MAGNIFICENT KIDS), and many more.

Chia Ling, also known as Judy Lee, has consistently portrayed compelling and controversial roles set against the backdrop of Chinese dynastic periods. She embodies the archetype of the strong, fighting, and aggressive female character dedicated to serving justice for noble causes. Among her most memorable roles, QUEEN BOXER stands out, an intensely violent and bloody film that faced a ban at one point. For collectors, Judy Lee is synonymous with being the top female star of the 70s/80s era, owing to her tough character roles and awe-inspiring kicking techniques.

Acknowledging her remarkable contributions, FLK has nominated Judy Lee as the No.1 action-adventure Classic Lady of Kung Fu. While her rarest movie remains somewhat elusive, notable mentions include LADY KARATE (AKA SPY RING KOKURYUKAI) and IMPRUDENT IRON PHOENIX—a hidden gem not widely known among collectors.

Polly Shang Kuan

Polly Shang Kuan, recognized as the Iron Lady of Kung Fu, left an indelible mark on the 70s-80s genre with her portrayal of seemingly tough characters that exuded an almost masculine personality. Despite her on-screen toughness, Polly Shang Kuan, with her unmistakable femininity, has become an enduring figure for collectors of the era. Having contributed to nearly 60 movies, she boasts a massive following among enthusiasts of the 70s-80s genre.

Polly Shang Kuan's filmography includes several classics such as JADE KILLER (aka 18 JADE ARHATS), DRAGON GATE INN, 18 BRONZEMEN, 99 CYCLING SWORDS, BACK ALLEY PRINCESS, and GENERAL STONE. Notably, Polly underwent a remarkable transformation early in her career, with a notable facelift that made identification challenging in movies like DRAGON GATE INN, BRAVEST REVENGE, and SWORDSMAN OF ALL SWORDSMEN, where her cheeks and eyes were redone. Respectfully acknowledging Polly's decision, it is widely observed that she appeared markedly improved post-surgery.

Angela Mao

Angela Mao Ying, often referred to simply as Angela Mao, stands out as the undisputed favorite Classic Lady of Kung Fu in the 70s to 80s genre, according to many collectors. In a closely contested field with formidable contenders like Judy, Pearl, and Doris, FLK has nominated Angela as the top Lady of Kung Fu from this era, attributing this designation in part to her notable role in "Enter The Dragon" alongside Bruce Lee.

Angela Mao's most cherished roles among collectors include LADY WHIRLWIND, HAPKIDO, WHEN TAEKWONDO STRIKES, DANCE OF DEATH, and THE TOURNAMENT. However, Angela Mao, being an extraordinary kung fu star, has left an indelible mark with a plethora of classic films, making it challenging to pinpoint a singular best or greatest among them.

During her early days, Angela was under contract with Golden Harvest, producing several timeless movies such as ANGRY RIVER, THUNDER BOLT, and INVINCIBLE EIGHT. Her debut film, ANGRY RIVER, remains a genre classic, showcasing a young Angela Mao displaying her unique acting prowess alongside impeccable martial arts skills.

Angela Mao's all-time favorites include SWIFT SHAOLIN BOXER, THE HIMALAYAN, and BROKEN OATH. Notably, fans were surprised to see her in the villainous role in DUEL IN THE DESSERT (aka PROUD HORSE), FLYING SAND, where she starred alongside Wong Tao, showcasing her versatility as an actress. Angela Mao continues to be celebrated for her exceptional contributions to the world of classic Kung Fu cinema.

Hsu Feng

Hsu Feng, a renowned actress, earned her place as a notable figure in the world of classic Hong Kong cinema, particularly through her collaborations with the legendary director King Hu. Often regarded as the Olsen Wells of Hong Kong, King Hu featured Hsu Feng prominently in his timeless classics, including RAINING IN THE MOUNTAIN, FATE OF LEE KHAN, TOUCH OF ZEN, and DRAGON GATE INN.

In the realm of Jackie Chan's period genre, Hsu Feng left a lasting impression as the Iron Lady in the classic film TO KILL WITH INTRIGUE. While showcasing her martial arts prowess, she also excelled in other classic punch-and-block movies like THE WHITE BUTTERFLY KILLER and DUEL IN THE FOREST. However, the majority of her filmography comprised costume period classics, where she often portrayed heroines seeking justice for their country or clansmen.

Known for her stoic expressions and rare smiles on-screen, Hsu Feng earned the moniker "Lady With The Cold Smile," a title bestowed upon her by FLK. Despite her reserved demeanor, she brought depth and intensity to her roles. Among her extensive filmography, WOMAN OF THE HOUR stands out as her rarest Kung Fu movie, while A TOUCH OF ZEN remains her most memorable film, showcasing her talent and leaving an enduring legacy in the world of classic Kung Fu cinema.

Hui Ying Hung

Hui Ying Hung, celebrated as the favorite lady of the Shaw Brothers 80s genre, left an indelible mark on the classic Kung Fu landscape. Her standout performance in the movie "My Young Auntie" catapulted her to favor among enthusiasts of Shaw Brothers Studios' classic Kung Fu ladies. Notably, her role in "MARTIAL CLUB" (aka "INSTRUCTOR OF DEATH") not only garnered fame in America but also sparked a cult following of her movies in both America and Europe.

Under the mentorship of Liu Chia Liang from the early 70s to the mid-80s, Hui Ying Hung contributed to a plethora of classics, including "LEGENDARY WEAPONS OF CHINA," "LADY IS THE BOSS," "CLAN OF THE WHITE LOTUS," and the super-classic "8 DIAGRAM POLE FIGHTERS." Transitioning to the name Kara Hui in the later years of her acting career, she remarkably amassed a filmography of almost 100 movies, and she continues to act to this day.

FLK has rightfully nominated Hui Ying Hung as the Shaw Brothers' favorite lady of Kung Fu. Following her roles in "NEW TALES OF THE FLYING FOX" and "LONG ROAD TO GALLANTRY," she solidified her status as the favored lady of the Shaw Brothers Studios. Among her rarest movies are "LIFE COMBAT," "DEADLY BREAKING SWORD," "SWIFT SWORD," and "THE TIGRESS OF SHAOLIN" — all Shaw Brothers productions yet to find mainstream recognition. Hui Ying Hung's enduring contributions have firmly established her as an icon in the realm of classic Kung Fu cinema.

Yeung Pan Pan

Yeung Pan Pan, a distinguished figure in classic and new wave martial arts cinema, has left an enduring mark with her performances in various iconic films. Notably, in "ROAR OF THE LION," she showcased her prowess as the woman with the Dual Handle, Double Blade Knife, engaging in a memorable confrontation with Wang Lung Wei. Her versatility was further evident in "STORY OF DRUNKEN MASTER," where she shared the screen with Casanova Wong and Simon Yuen.

However, it's in the rare classic "KID FROM KWANGTUNG" alongside Hwang Jang Lee and Wong Yue that Yeung Pan Pan delivered one of her most formidable roles. Widely regarded as one of the greatest films ever made, this classic featured her in a leading role, solidifying her status as a prominent martial arts actress. Despite her filmography comprising fewer than 20 movies, her impact is notable.

Among her rarest films is "CHOI LEE FAT KUNG FU," a 1979 classic with martial arts greats Chan Siu Pang and Philip Ko Fei, where Yeung Pan Pan played a significant role alongside leading star Cliff Lok. Her last known films in the late '90s include titles like "ANGEL ENFORCERS," "ANGEL TERMINATORS," "DEADLY TARGET," and the well-known "YES, MADAM."
Yeung Pan Pan's legacy extends beyond the screen, as she was a martial artist practitioner in her daily life. Noted for her agility and firmness, she navigated dangerous filming situations with skill. Her unforgettable fight scene with Wang Lung Wei in "ROAR OF THE LION" remains a testament to her real-life martial arts prowess. Yeung Pan Pan stands as a classic lady of Kung Fu, remembered and revered for her contributions to the genre.

Huang Hsing Hsiu

Huang Hsing Siu stands out as a classic lady of Kung Fu, notably for her leading roles in martial arts classics. In "SHAOLIN MANTIS," alongside David Chang, she captivates David Chiang fans with a performance that's a must-see for collectors.

Her iconic role in "STRANGER FROM SHAOLIN" solidifies her reputation as a classic lady of Kung Fu, portraying the famous Wing Chun martial artist with charismatic excellence. The movie showcases her best acting and martial arts skills, highlighting the deadly unarmed combat system she embodies. While Michelle Yeoh successfully remade the film in the new wave era, Huang Hsing Siu's early version remains unparalleled.

Huang Hsing Siu's rarest movie is "LU HSIAO FURY" (aka "CHIVALRY OF CONSPIRACY"), and she is a star in one of the rarest movies of all time, "SPIRIT OF THE SWORD" (1982), directed by the great Chu Yuan. Her contributions to classic Kung Fu cinema have left an enduring legacy, making her a standout figure in the genre.

Hsia Kwan Li

Hsia Kwan Li, a classic lady of Kung Fu, may have a relatively small filmography, but her impact on the genre is immense. Notable for her roles in classics like "THE INVINCIBLE KUNG FU LEGS" alongside FLK Tan Tao Liang and "WOMAN AVENGER" opposite Pang Gang, she has left an enduring mark.

Among her well-known movies, "SHAOLIN INVINCIBLE STICKS" stands out as an all-time favorite for many collectors of the 70s to 80s genre. Hsia Kwan Li's rarest movie is "SECRET MESSAGE" (aka "A DEADLY SECRET"), a classic Shaw Brothers film that few have had the opportunity to see, making it highly coveted among collectors.

Despite her limited filmography, Hsia Kwan Li's talent as an entertaining performer and martial artist is evident. Her contribution to classics like "ISLAND WARRIORS" (1984), co-starring Elsa Yeung and Wong Tao, makes it a sought-after gem for fans of classic Kung Fu cinema. Hsia Kwan Li remains a testament to the impact that a skilled and charismatic performer can have in the world of martial arts films.

Chi Dan Dan

Chi Dan Dan is highly acclaimed for her pivotal role in the major classic "EIGHT STRIKES OF THE WILD CAT," a super classic that has garnered significant attention. Despite varying opinions among fans, this movie was eagerly sought after by collectors for over 15 to 20 years. When it finally emerged, the available copy was not ideal in terms of quality, but collectors still seized the opportunity to witness the unique Cat style versus the Three Mice, a captivating aspect of the film.
Notably, "EIGHT STRIKES OF THE WILD CAT" has since become available in good quality and is recognized as one of the greatest animal styles movies ever made. Chi Dan Dan's contribution to this film solidifies her status as a Classic Lady of Kung Fu, even though she may not have appeared in many more classics of this caliber. Her role in this iconic movie showcases her talent and adds to the legacy of classic Kung Fu cinema.

Chiao Chiao

Chiao Chiao, a distinguished Classic Lady of Kung Fu from Shaw Brothers Studios, carries an aura reminiscent of classic Hollywood star Barbara Stanwick. Beginning her career in the early sixties, she starred in numerous Shaw Brothers classics like "TRAIL OF A BROKEN BLADE," "ONE-ARMED SWORDSMAN," "SILENT SWORDSMEN," "THE ASSASSIN," "BLACK BUTTERFLY," "HEADS FOR SALE," and the Hitchcock-style classic "A CAUSE TO KILL."

Transitioning from Shaw Brothers in the early 70s, Chiao Chiao continued her legacy with classic punch-and-block films, including "THE RIGHTEOUS FIST," "BRONZE HEAD AND STEEL ARM," and her formidable classic, "THE DRAGON BLOWS." Notably, her career extended into the late 90s, featuring roles alongside Jackie Chan in "POLICE STORY 2" and "IN THE LINE OF DUTY 4," along with various drama pieces.

Chiao Chiao's early classics showcase a shining personality, portraying a humble character inclined towards non-violence, yet her martial arts skills, when employed, deliver a devastating impact. Explore one of her rarest classics, "DRAGON BLOWS," where she employs a One Punch Death technique, exemplifying her prowess in the genre.

Lily Lee

Lilly Lee, a beloved and favorite Classic Lady of Kung Fu, is renowned for her unique blend of femininity, dynamic fighting skills, and an innocent appearance that contrasts with her deadly martial prowess. Two of her standout villainous roles in "WARRIOR FROM SHAOLIN" and "THE LOOT" showcase her versatility and established her as a martial arts star over the past 30 years.

Commencing her career with Shaw Brothers Studios in 1966, Lilly Lee starred alongside David Chiang and Ti Lung in numerous classics, including "THE KNIGHT OF KNIGHTS," "THE WONDERING SWORDSMAN," "THE HEROIC ONES," "FOUR RIDERS," "THE CONDEMNED," "THE CHALLENGER," "SHAOLIN MANTIS," "FRIENDS," "THEY CALL HIM SHATTER," "MAGIC BLADE," "JADE TIGER," "SOUL OF THE SWORD," and "SWORDSMAN AND THE ENCHANTRESS."

Post her Shaw Brothers era, Lilly Lee captivated audiences in the popular classic "ONE FOOT CRANE," showcasing the crane fist animal style. She gained a massive following in the early '80s with movies like "DAGGERS 8" and a memorable cameo in "THE EIGHT DIAGRAM POLE FIGHTERS" as the mother of the 14 warriors.

Lilly Lee returned to Shaw Brothers Studios for classics like "I'LL FINALLY KNOCK YOU DOWN DEAD DAD" and "DISCIPLES OF THE 36TH CHAMBER." Transitioning to the New Wave genre, she starred in underrated but complex films like "WHITE LOTUS CULT," "SAM THE IRON BRIDE," and "ONE ARMED HERO," portraying a spiritual kung fu teacher with her signature stunning fight scenes.

Lilly Lee's magnificent and dynamic kung fu acting roles over the past three decades have solidified her as a true Classic Lady of Kung Fu, earning the admiration of collectors worldwide.

Shih Szu

Shih Szu, a stunning and iconic figure in the world of kung fu cinema, stands as one of the greatest female martial artists of all time. With a career that spanned from the early '70s to the early '80s, she left an indelible mark through her beautiful yet fierce performances. Notable films like "HEROES OF SUNG," "THE RESCUE," "FLYING GUILLOTINE 2," and "THUNDER BOLT FIST" showcase her magnificent acting and martial arts prowess.

For kung fu collectors, Shih Szu is a must-know name, and her cult following burgeoned during her active years in the industry. Roles in classics such as "SHADOW BOXER" and "LEGEND OF THE 7 GOLDEN VAMPIRES" solidified her reputation as one of the greatest female kung fu stars from the early '70s to the early '80s.

Among her rare films, "MASSACRE SURVIVOR" (1979) co-starring Tsung Wah, Wong Chung, and Lung Fei, stands out, along with the collector's piece "THE THIRD SWORD" alongside co-star Wang Kwan Hsiung.

Shih Szu's dynamic performances have earned her the nomination by FLK as the epitome of a Classic Lady of Kung Fu, showcasing her beauty, talent, and martial arts skills that continue to captivate fans worldwide.

Nora Miao

Nora Miao, a renowned star with global recognition, gained fame for her leading role alongside Bruce Lee in "FIST OF FURY." Despite her girlish and feminine appearance, Nora Miao showcased her versatility by playing roles ranging from the villainous female in "Snake and Crane Arts of Shaolin" with Jackie Chan to a timid prostitute in the 1977 classic "THE KUNG FU KID," starring Chan Wei Man.

In the Shaw Brothers film "TO KILL A JAGUAR" with Tony Leung and Tsung Wah, Nora delivered a stunning performance that stands out in her career. Among collectors of the early '70s genre, her most cherished roles are in classics like "THE BLADE SPEARS NONE," "THE INVINCIBLE EIGHT," "THE HURRICANE," and "THE COMET STRIKES."

Nora Miao's career, spanning from the early '70s to the late '90s, features rare gems like "THE FLOWER THE KILLER," "MEN OF THE HOUR" (aka "SHANG LI"), and "SAKYAMUNI BUDDHA." Her ability to portray diverse characters and leave a lasting impact on the martial arts film industry solidifies her status as a beloved and accomplished actress in the genre.

Yeung Jing Jing

Yeung Jing Jing is best known for her memorable opening scene in "CLAN OF THE WHITE LOTUS," where she engages in a fierce battle against Lo Lieh's character, the white lotus monk Pei Mei. However, she gained even more recognition for her role in "2 CHAMPIONS OF SHAOLIN," where she portrayed the wife of Lo Meng and the sister of Sun Chien.

Her journey with Shaw Brothers Studios began in the late '70s with "10 TIGERS OF KWANGTUNG" and concluded with "THUNDERCLAP" in 1984. Notably, Yeung Jing Jing starred alongside Wang Lung Wei in "TREASURE HUNTERS," showcasing their villainous chemistry as a male-female duo. Another popular starring role was in "GHOSTS GALORE," an early '80s mystical swordplay movie where she acted alongside Lo Lieh, Chin Siu Ho, and Wang Jang Lee.

Yeung Jing Jing's presence is also remembered in "LADY ASSASSIN," where she played the bodyguard of Tsiu Siu Keung. Her career transitioned to the New Wave era with roles in classics like "ROYAL TRAMP 1," "ROYAL TRAMP 2," and "LICENSE TO STEAL," solidifying her status as a versatile and enduring figure in the martial arts film industry.

Chen Ping

Chen Ping, a notable female star of the Shaw Brothers Studios, left a lasting impact with her versatile performances. While she gained recognition for her seductive roles, her filmography also includes classic martial arts movies such as "THE MASTER OF KUNG FU," a Wang Fei Hung story starring Ku Feng. Notable films like "KILLER CLANS," "DEATH DUEL," and "VENGEFUL BEAUTY" stand out as some of her greatest martial arts roles.

Although Chen Ping may not be among the most popular women in the Classic Kung Fu genre, her memorable performance in "KISS OF DEATH" alongside Lo Lieh marked her first starring role at Shaw Brothers Studios. With a noticeable charisma and a penchant for starring roles, Chen Ping is undoubtedly recognized as a Classic Lady of Kung Fu in the eyes of enthusiasts.

Wong Ping

Wong Ping is distinguished for her impactful dramatic roles rather than being known as a martial arts star. Collectors often recall her notable performance in "VENGEANCE," where she played the humble girlfriend supporting David Chiang in his quest for revenge. Similarly, in "KING BOXER" (aka "FIVE FINGERS OF DEATH"), she portrayed a passive role as the fiancee of the leading star, Lo Lieh.

Her journey with Shaw Brothers Studios began in the early '70s, featuring in classics like "THE SINGING KILLER," "THE DUEL," "DUEL FOR GOLD," "THE OATH OF DEATH," "THE 14 AMAZONS," and "THE KILLER" (aka "SACRED KNIVES"). While Wong Ping initially played timid roles, her portrayal took a turn in "KILLER FROM ABOVE," where she showcased her martial arts prowess alongside Chang Yi, Lo Lieh, and Carter Wong. This classic marked a shift from her passive roles to a memorable villainous character, demonstrating martial arts at its best. Wong Ping remains a memorable star among the Classic Ladies of Kung Fu.

Ching Ping

Ching Ping embarked on her Kung Fu movie career in the early 60s, retiring during the early 70s, yet leaving an enduring legacy with seven major classics from the 60s era. Notable films include "THE CRIMSON PALM," "TEMPLE OF THE RED LOTUS," "MAGNIFICENT TRIO," "THE TRAIL OF A BROKEN BLADE," "THE SWORD AND THE LUTE," "KILLER DARTS," and "VENGEANCE OF A GOLDEN BLADE." These classics remain highly sought after among collectors, with "TEMPLE OF THE RED LOTUS" standing out due to co-stars like Jimmy Wang Yu, Ivy Ling Po, Lo Lieh, and Fung Bo Bo (Petrina Fung). Remarkably, this film marked the debut of Jimmy Wang Yu and Lo Lieh in significant roles.

Ching Ping's repertoire also includes the early seventies masterpiece "12 GOLD MEDALLIONS," where she starred alongside Yu Wah. Recognized for her dramatic roles, Ching Ping is unquestionably a Classic Lady of Kung Fu, leaving an indelible mark on the 60s-70s genre.

Betty Tei Pei

Betty Tei Pei, the supreme Kung Fu lady master of the 70s genre, left an indelible mark with her deadly and captivating performances. As a Classic Lady of Kung Fu, she showcased her skills and stunning personality on screen, notably in films like "INTIMATE CONFESSIONS OF A CHINESE COURTESAN" and "CLANS OF INTRIGUE." Despite a short-lived acting career, Betty Tei Pei's memorable roles in classics such as "BRUCE'S KUNG FU GIRLS," "MEN OF THE HOUR," and "UNIQUE LAMA" ensure that her legacy as a formidable figure in Kung Fu cinema will always be remembered.

Lily Ho

Lily Ho, a Classic Lady of Kung Fu from the 60s-70s era, graced the screen with her stunning beauty and memorable performances. Noteworthy roles include "LADY PROFESSIONAL," "THE LADY WITH A SWORD," "WATER MARGIN" (aka "ALL MEN ARE BROTHERS"), and "14 AMAZONS." Lily Ho's confidence as an actress is reminiscent of classic Hollywood stars from the 60s, and her performance in "LADY PROFESSIONAL" stands out as a memorable and terrific display, reminiscent of Hitchcock classics.

While many of her roles leaned towards drama rather than Kung Fu, Lily Ho showcased her terrific Kung Fu skills in the role of a vengeful courtesan in "INTIMATE CONFESSIONS OF A CHINESE COURTESAN." Regrettably, her career was relatively short, leaving fans yearning for more of Lily Ho's contributions to the Kung Fu action genre.

Cheng Pei Pei

Cheng Pei Pei, the reigning Lady of Kung Fu at Shaw Brothers Studios, exerted her dominance for years with a string of classic performances. Known for her stunning elegance, she first captivated audiences in 1966's "COME DRINK WITH ME," portraying the character Golden Swallow. Two years later, she reprised the role in "THE GIRL WITH THE THUNDER BOLT KICK." Memorable performances include "THUNDERING SWORD" with Chang Yi and the captivating "DRAGON SWAMP," where she portrayed a dual role as mother and daughter, offering a complex and intriguing storyline.

Cheng Pei Pei's career reached new heights with her return in 2000's "CROUCHING TIGER, HIDDEN DRAGON," a film that captivated Western audiences and revitalized the Hong Kong movie industry. Her notable role as Jade Fox showcased her talent alongside Chow Yun Fat and Michelle Yeoh. She continued to contribute to the industry, playing the classic villainous Red Goddess in the 2001 new wave film "Shadow Mask," directed by Philip Ko Fei.

Throughout her career, Cheng Pei Pei starred in numerous rare classics, including "NONE BUT THE BRAVE" with a young Jackie Chan, "SHADOW WHIP," "THE GOLDEN SWORD," "BROTHERS FIVE," and the 1995 new wave classic "WING CHUN." Her timeless appeal and continued contributions make Cheng Pei Pei an enduring Classic Lady of Kung Fu, showcasing her talent from the early 60s to the present day.

Doris Chen (Lung Chuan Erh)

Doris Lung Chuan-Erh, a formidable fighter with an unassuming girl-next-door charm, emerged as one of the prominent female martial artists of the 1970s. Making her debut in 1973 with "To Subdue Evil," she showcased her powerful skills in notable films like "Shaolin Deadly Kicks" alongside Delon Tan, "Half a Loaf of Kung Fu" alongside Jackie Chan and Heroes Of The Wild alongside Chen Singh. In the latter, her dance-like fight scenes with Jackie became iconic. Despite her impactful roles, Doris left the film industry after the 1983 classic "18 Bronze Girls of Shaolin."

Candy Wen

Candy Wen started her acting career in 1978, with the majority of her films produced by the Shaw Brothers Studios. Notable exceptions include "THE CHEEKY CHAP" and "CRAZY HORSE INTELLIGENT MONKEY," both cherished classics from the 80s. One of her prominent roles is in "TWO CHAMPIONS OF SHAOLIN," where she portrays the girlfriend of Chin Siu Ho alongside the renowned Venoms Crew.

Collaborating on several movies with the Venoms, including "SWORD STAINED WITH ROYAL BLOOD," "ODE TO GALLANTRY," and "BRAVE ARCHER AND HIS MATE," Candy Wen's career, though relatively short, left a lasting impact. She often portrayed roles as the simple girl or daughter in Shaw Brothers Classics like "LADY ASSASSIN," "HOLY FLAME OF THE MARTIAL FLAME," and "BASTARD SWORDSMAN," solidifying her status as a Classic Lady of Kung Fu.

Petrina Fung Bo-Bo

Petina Fung Bo Bo, often dubbed as the Shirley Temple of Hong Kong Cinema, embarked on her movie career at the tender age of 6. In 1960 alone, she astonishingly starred in 20 films, followed by 32 in 1961 and 14 in 1962. Hailing from a family deeply immersed in the movie performance industry, her brother Fung Hank Onn achieved notoriety as a villain in films like "WARRIORS TWO" and "IRON FISTED MONK," while her father, Fung Fung, had roles in iconic films such as "ENTER THE FAT DRAGON," "YOUNG MASTER," and "LEGEND OF A FIGHTER."

Petrina Fung Bo Bo's illustrious career spans numerous classics like "THE LITTLE WARRIOR," "TEMPLE OF THE RED LOTUS," "THE SWORD AND THE LUTE," "THREE ENCOUNTERS," and "LITTLE DEVIL." Notably, "LITTLE DEVIL," released in 1969 and co-starring Chiang Nan and a young Sammo Hung, stands out as one of her greatest classics. Her prolific career extended into the mid-90s, where she transitioned to dramas. In 1992, she earned the Best Supporting Actress award for her role in "LEGENDARY ROSE NOIR." Retiring from the film industry in 1995 after her role in "MOTHER OF A DIFFERENT KIND," Fung Bo Bo, with over 250 feature films to her credit, remains a quintessential Classic Lady of Kung Fu.

Ivy Ling Po

Ivy Ling Po, a seasoned Classic Lady of Kung Fu from the 60s and 70s, commenced her career primarily in the realm of drama. Notably, she gained acclaim for her roles in classics like "TEMPLE OF THE RED LOTUS" and "SWORD AND THE LUTE." While her earlier career leaned towards dramatic performances, she left an indelible mark with memorable roles in the suspense thriller "A CAUSE TO KILL," showcasing her exceptional acting talent in an Alfred Hitchcock-inspired storyline. Although devoid of martial arts, the film stands out for its gripping suspense.

Ivy Ling Po's repertoire also includes classics like "CRIMSON CHARM," "DUEL FOR GOLD," and "14 AMAZONS." Her cinematic journey culminated in the late 80s with the new wave movie "GOLDEN SWALLOW." Among her notable works, "FINGERS OF DOOM" emerges as a captivating tale involving a clan with unconventional practices, including sleeping in coffins. Ivy Ling Po's portrayal as a senior clan member tasked with thwarting a rebellious member's sinister plans adds depth to the narrative. The film, featuring unique weapons and compelling storytelling, is a must-see for Ivy Ling Po enthusiasts and collectors of the 70s genre.

Candy Yu (Yu An-An)

Candy Yu made her debut in the early 70s, quickly becoming a leading lady in several Shaw Brothers Studios classics like "DEATH DUEL," "THE SENTIMENTAL SWORDSMAN," "THE LEGEND OF THE BAT," and "THE DEADLY SWORD." Her captivating beauty and acting prowess were evident, and she shared the screen with David Chiang in the rare gem "MURDER PLOT," a classic featuring Chu Yuan's signature elements of intrigue and suspense.

Notably, Candy Yu made a brief appearance in Jet Li's "SWORDSMAN 2" (1992). Beyond her acting career, she diversified into costume design for Hong Kong movies, showcasing her versatile talents. Candy Yu continues to contribute to the film industry, maintaining an active presence both in front of and behind the camera.

Mary Jean Reimer (Yung Jing-Jing)

Mary Jean Reimer had a brief yet impactful stint in the Chinese/Asian movie industry. Her memorable role in the 1983 classic "LITTLE DRAGON MAIDENS" alongside Chen Kuan Tai and Leslie Cheung showcased her stunning personality. In this film, she portrayed a young girl entrusted with the clan's special healing technique, contributing to the narrative continuity of "THE BRAVE ARCHER" series.

Additionally, Mary Jean Reimer left her mark in another Shaw Brothers Studios masterpiece, "HOLY FLAME OF THE MARTIAL WORLD," recognized as one of the best mystical kung fu movies. Despite her short-lived career, her contributions to these classics are fondly remembered by fans of the genre.

Lau Suet Wa

Lau Suet Wa, renowned as "The Lady Assassin" in the classic Shaw Brothers movie "THE LADY ASSASSIN," holds a special place in the hearts of collectors from the early 80s genre. Widely regarded as one of the best Shaw Brothers films, her short-lived acting career left a lasting impression on enthusiasts of that era. Lau Suet Wa's charismatic and strong personality, particularly showcased in her iconic role, has become synonymous with the essence of Shaw Brothers classics.

In addition to her memorable performance in "THE LADY ASSASSIN," Lau Suet Wa also played a villainous role in "HOLY FLAME OF THE MARTIAL WORLD" as a white-haired fox lady, contributing to another must-see classic alongside co-stars Mok Siu Cheung, Jason Pia Piao, and Kuo Chui (Philip Kwok). For those exploring the gems of the 80s genre, Lau Suet Wa's presence in films like "OPIUM AND THE KUNG FU MASTER," starring Ti Lung and Chen Kuan Tai, adds further allure to her filmography.

Ching Li

Ching Li, a prominent leading lady of the Shaw Brothers Studios during the late 60s to early 80s genre, left an indelible mark on the world of martial arts cinema. Her notable role in "Blood Brothers," where she portrayed the traitorous wife of Chen Kuan Tai, and her classic martial arts performance alongside Gordon Liu and Adam Chiang in "SHAOLIN VS WUTANG" have solidified her status among collectors.

Ching Li's association with three main Shaw Brothers stars—David Chiang, Ti Lung, and Chen Kuan Tai—in over 16 movies contributed to her popularity and recognition in the industry. She became a familiar face in classics such as "MAGIC BLADE," "ANONYMOUS HEROES," "WEB OF DEATH," "BAT WITHOUT WINGS," "IRON CHAIN ASSASSIN," and "SWORD STAINED WITH ROYAL BLOOD," showcasing her versatile acting skills.
Throughout her career, Ching Li starred in more than 57 movies, with a significant portion becoming cherished classics among collectors. 

"JUDGEMENT OF AN ASSASSIN," co-starring David Chiang, stands out as one of her rarest films, while her dramatic performance in "SWORD STAINED WITH ROYAL BLOOD" alongside Kuo Chui, Lu Feng, and Chiang Sheng remains a memorable highlight.

Ching Li undeniably stands as a classic lady of the Shaw Brothers Studios, embodying the essence of an all-around classic lady of Kung Fu. Her contributions to martial arts cinema have left an enduring legacy in the hearts of enthusiasts and collectors alike.

Nancy Yen

Nancy Yen, a beloved classic lady of the Punch and Block era, carved a notable niche in martial arts cinema with her dynamic performances. Starting with independent film companies, she later joined the prestigious Shaw Brothers Studios, contributing to classics like "DRAGON MISSILE," "CLANS OF INTRIGUE," "DEATH DUEL," and "FLYING GUILOTINE 2."

Her debut in "MATCHLESS CONQUEROR" (1971) alongside Chiang Nan and Liu Ping marked the beginning of a remarkable career. Nancy Yen's prowess is evident in well-known classics such as "TRIANGULAR DUEL," "CHUCHOW GUY," "BLACK PANTHER," "MURDER MASTERS OF KUNG FU," and "IRON MAN." Transitioning to Shaw Brothers elevated her status, and she continued to shine in films like "UNBEATEN 28", "GUY WITH THE SECRET KUNG FU", "GOLD CONSTABLES", "THE FLOWER, THE KILLER", "MY BLADE, MY LIFE."

Among her filmography, "LAWMAN," co-starring Tien Peng, stands out as her rarest film, showcasing the diverse range of roles she undertook in her illustrious career. Nancy Yen's impactful presence and contributions make her a classic lady favorite among enthusiasts of martial arts cinema.

Helen Ma

Helen Ma, who commenced her cinematic journey in 1965 with the iconic "TEMPLE OF THE RED LOTUS," marked the beginning of a notable career. Joining the Shaw Brothers Studios for approximately six years, she contributed to 11 movies, with her standout and widely celebrated role in "DEAF AND MUTE HEROINE." This classic swordplay film, directed by Wu Ma, showcased her exceptional skills as a disabled yet masterful swordswoman.

Beyond her Shaw Brothers tenure, Helen Ma ventured into independent films, leaving a lasting impact. Notable works include the King Hu classic "FATE OF LEE KHAN" and "BACK ALLEY PRINCESS," where she shared the screen with renowned stars like Angela Mao, Polly Shang Kwan, and Nora Miao.

Embracing the New Wave era of the 90s, Helen Ma continued to grace the screen in films such as "ROYAL TRAMP" and the 1993 version of "SWORD STAINED WITH ROYAL BLOOD," featuring Yuen Biao. Despite the changing landscape of Hong Kong cinema, Helen Ma's acting career persisted, and she remained active, with her latest film being "THE TROUBLEMAKERS" in 2003. Helen Ma's enduring presence and diverse filmography reflect her resilience and versatility in the realm of Chinese cinema.

Elsa Yeung

Elsa Yeung, embarking on her cinematic journey with early films like "BRUCE'S KUNG FU GIRLS" alongside Polly Shang Kwan and Betty Tei Pei, paved the way for a remarkable career in classic kung fu cinema. With an impressive filmography, Elsa became a prominent figure in the genre, leaving an indelible mark with roles in timeless classics such as "FIGHT FOR SURVIVAL," "LEGEND OF 8 KNIGHTS," "WANDERING DRAGON," and "THE DESPERATE KILLER."

Her filmography extends beyond the well-known, featuring rare gems like "THRILLING SWORD," "SEVEN KNIGHTS," "THE BREAKTHROUGH," and "SHANGHAI MASSACRE." Elsa Yeung's versatility shines through in memorable performances in films like "LIFE OF A NINJA" (co-starring Chen Kuan Tai), "GREATEST PLOT," and "CHALLENGE OF THE LADY NINJA."

As the late '80s approached, Elsa Yeung concluded her career with the elusive "GOLDEN NINJA WARRIOR." Throughout the late '70s and early '80s, Elsa Yeung stood as a Classic Lady of Kung Fu, leaving an enduring legacy, with her role in "ISLAND WARRIORS" alongside Wang Tao serving as a testament to her contribution to the genre.

Maggie Cheung

Maggie Cheung, originally rising to prominence as a model and gaining recognition through the Miss Hong Kong contest, embarked on her acting career with her debut film, "PRINCE CHARMING," directed by Wong Jing. Although initially contracted for two years of TV work, Maggie found herself immersed in film acting roles. It wasn't until "AS TEARS GO BY" alongside Andy Lau and Jacky Cheung that her acting prowess truly captivated audiences, marking a turning point in her career.

While she had a notable role as Jackie Chan's girlfriend in "POLICE STORY 1," it was films like "POLICE STORY 1&2," "BAREFOOT KID," "HEROIC TRIO," "TWIN DRAGONS," and "MOON WARRIORS" that showcased Maggie Cheung's versatility. Despite her success in action-oriented roles, she seemed to lean towards dramatic performances in her career.

Maggie Cheung's cinematic journey continued, culminating in her latest movie, "HERO," where she shared the screen with Jet Li and other major Hong Kong stars. Throughout her career, Maggie Cheung has established herself as a dynamic actress with a diverse range of roles and a lasting impact on the Hong Kong film industry.

Moon Lee

Moon Lee's career took off after initially engaging in TV work, with her first movie appearance being in "TO SIR WITH TROUBLES." However, her breakthrough came with the film "ZU: WARRIORS FROM THE MAGIC MOUNTAIN," where she shared the screen with Hong Kong superstars like Yuen Biao, Meng Hoi, and Brigitte Lin. Shortly thereafter, she appeared in "THE CHAMPIONS" alongside Yuen Biao.

A significant turn in Moon Lee's career occurred with the film "ANGELS," marking a shift from her previous roles as a cute girl in need to an action actress and femme fatale. This transformation propelled her to star in more "ANGELS" films, including "ANGELS 2," "ANGELS 3," "KILLER ANGELS," and "REVENGE OF ANGEL." Moon Lee's action-oriented roles established her as a prominent figure in the Hong Kong film industry during that era.

Yukari Oshima

Yukari Oshima, also known as Cynthia Luster, is a Japanese actress who played a significant role in Hong Kong cinema from the late '80s to the late '90s. Yukari initially had a successful start in Japanese television after training with Sonny Chiba to learn stunt work. However, her filmography indicates a preference for acting in Hong Kong cinema over Japan.

Yukari's entry into Hong Kong cinema came with a screen test for the movie "MILLIONAIRES EXPRESS," where she secured a small supporting role alongside Hong Kong superstars Hwang Jan Lee and Yusuaki Kurata. Subsequently, Yukari gained opportunities to act in many more films. Notably, unlike some other Chinese female actors, Yukari embraced the action roles she received, distinguishing herself in action-packed films.

Yukari Oshima is especially well-liked in the West for her action films, particularly when paired with other popular figures like Moon Lee. Collaborations such as "ANGELS," "A SERIOUS SHOCK YES MADAM," "KICKBOXER'S TEARS," "MISSION OF JUSTICE," and "BEAUTY INVESTIGATORS" have contributed to her popularity among fans of Hong Kong action cinema.

Joyce Godenzi

Joyce Godenzi gained fame not initially through an intention to pursue a career in acting but rather through the Miss Hong Kong Pageant. Subsequently, she received various movie offers that led to her entry into the world of cinema. While Joyce may not have a vast filmography, her roles in the movies she has made are indeed memorable.

Among her notable works is the film "SHE SHOOTS STRAIGHT," where she showcased her acting skills. Another significant role was in the movie "SPOOKY SPOOKY." However, one of Joyce Godenzi's most remarkable performances is in "EASTERN CONDORS" directed by Sammo Hung. In this film, she portrayed a vicious and cold-blooded soldier, a departure from traditional femininity. The deliberate choice to emphasize her toughness in the role showcased her versatility as an actress.

It's worth mentioning that Joyce Godenzi is reported to be married to Sammo Hung, adding an interesting personal connection to the world of Hong Kong cinema.

Anita Mui

Anita Mui was a multi-talented artist who gained recognition for both her musical and acting abilities. Starting her career at a young age, Anita's journey to stardom began with her singing and dancing performances to support her family after her father's death. Her musical talent shone through as she sang many movie themes, including those for popular films.

In addition to her successful music career, Anita Mui made a significant impact in the world of Hong Kong cinema through her acting roles. Her acting debut was in "MAD MAD 83," and from there, she went on to collaborate with renowned actors and directors. Anita appeared alongside Chow Yun Fat in "100 WAYS TO MURDER YOUR WIFE" and "SCARED STIFF," and with Jackie Chan in "MIRACLES," "DRUNKEN MASTER 2," and "RUMBLE IN THE BRONX."

Tsui Hark cast her in "A BETTER TOMORROW 3," and she worked with Sammo Hung in "Shanghai Shanghai," as well as with Yuen Biao, Meng Hoi, Moon Lee, and Brigitte Lin in "MOON WARRIORS," and Jet Li in "MY FATHER IS A HERO."
Anita Mui's notable movies include "MOON WARRIORS," "HEROIC TRIO," "HEROIC TRIO 2: EXECUTIONERS," "SAVIOUR OF THE SOUL," and "DRUNKEN MASTER 2." Despite her passing, Anita Mui's legacy endures, and she is remembered for her exceptional contributions to both the music and film industries.

Cynthia Khan

Cynthia Khan, originally known as Yeung Lai Ching, underwent a significant transformation in her career, including a name change to Cynthia Khan, possibly influenced by the popularity of action stars Cynthia Rothrock and Michelle Khan (Michelle Yeoh). Cynthia initially aspired to become a dance teacher but faced an obstacle due to an injury.

Her breakthrough came with the film "IN THE LINE OF DUTY 3: FORCE OF THE DRAGON," which achieved considerable success and led to the creation of several sequels. While Cynthia Khan had appeared in two Taiwanese films prior to this, it was her role in the "In the Line of Duty" series that marked a turning point in her career.

Despite the relatively small number of films in which she has appeared, Cynthia Khan's filmography includes several classics. Some of her notable works include "IN THE LINE OF DUTY 3, 4, 5, 6, 7," "TIGER CAGE 2," "ZEN OF SWORD," "DEAD END OF BESIEGERS," "TOUGH BEAUTY AND SLOPPY SLOP," and "13 COLD BLOODED EAGLES." Her contribution to the action genre and martial arts cinema has left an enduring impact.

Sibelle Hu

Sibelle Hu is indeed an incredible actress with diverse talents, and while she may not have garnered as much attention in the West, her contributions to Hong Kong cinema have been significant. Starting her career in mainly dramatic films, it was Sammo Hung who recognized her potential in action roles and cast her in her first fighting role in "MY LUCKY STARS."

Following this, Sibelle Hu's career gained momentum, and she had the opportunity to work alongside renowned figures in the industry, including Sammo Hung, Jet Li, Yuen Biao, Jackie Chan, and Shaw Brothers superstar Ti Lung. Notable films featuring Sibelle include "FONG SAI YUK" (with Jet Li), "TWINKLE TWINKLE LUCKY STARS," and "INSPECTOR WEARS A SKIRT."

During the late 1980s, she experienced a particularly prolific period with a hectic schedule, often being cast in multiple films in a single year. One of her final films was "TAI CHI 2" with Jacky Woo. Subsequently, Sibelle Hu decided to retire from the film industry after getting married. Despite a relatively brief active career, she left a lasting impact on martial arts cinema, showcasing her versatility as an actress.

Michelle Yeoh

Michelle Yeoh is indeed one of the most successful Hong Kong actresses, and her career has transcended international borders, making her a prominent figure in Hollywood as well. Her journey into acting started unexpectedly, stemming from a beauty pageant in Malaysia. Despite her initial intentions of establishing a ballet dancing school, a career in martial arts cinema became her path.

Michelle Yeoh's early screen work included a commercial with Jackie Chan, and she was later contracted to D&B. Her debut film was "OWL VS DUMBO" by Sammo Hung, and she gained significant recognition with her role in "IN THE LINE OF DUTY 1" (YES, MADAM), directed by Corey Yuen Kwai. Although lacking martial arts experience, Michelle's dance background served her well, and she demonstrated remarkable on-screen skills.

After temporarily retiring due to injuries during the filming of "IN THE LINE OF DUTY 2" (ROYAL WARRIORS), Michelle returned to the screen with films like "THE MAGNIFICENT WARRIORS" opposite Wang Jang Lee. Her career took a brief hiatus when she married Dickson Poon, the owner of D&B. However, after their separation, Michelle resumed her acting career with notable classics such as "POLICE STORY 3: SUPERCOP," "WING CHUN" with Donnie Yen, "HEROIC TRIO" with Anita Mui and Maggie Cheung, "TAI CHI MASTER" alongside Jet Li, and "BUTTERFLY AND SWORD."
Michelle Yeoh's global recognition continued to grow with her work in Hollywood, and she starred in films like "CROUCHING TIGER, HIDDEN DRAGON" and "TOMORROW NEVER DIES" as the leading lady beside Pierce Brosnan in a James Bond film. Her recent projects, including "THE TOUCH," reflect her enduring success and versatility as an actress. Fans eagerly anticipate more contributions from Michelle Yeoh in both Hollywood and Hong Kong cinema.

Bridgette Lin

Brigitte Lin is an iconic actress with a dazzling career spanning two decades. Unlike many other accomplished female actresses in Hong Kong, Brigitte did not initially aspire to become an actress. Her entry into the world of cinema happened by chance when a director noticed her accompanying a friend to a film audition. This fortuitous encounter led to Brigitte being cast as a schoolgirl in a movie, marking the beginning of her remarkable journey in the film industry.

In her early years, Brigitte quickly gained fame, securing roles in more than five films in the same year. However, during the initial phase of her career, she was predominantly cast in dramatic roles rather than action-oriented ones. It wasn't until Tsui Hark cast her in "ZU: WARRIORS OF THE MAGIC MOUNTAINS" that her fighting persona began to emerge. The film was a major box office success, setting the stage for Brigitte's transformation into an action star.

Jackie Chan later approached Brigitte to star in "Police Story," contributing further to her rising popularity. As her career progressed, Brigitte had the opportunity to work with screen greats like Andy Lau in "THREE SWORDSMEN" and alongside Jet Li in "SWORDSMAN 2." Her versatile performances and ability to tackle both dramatic and action roles contributed to her lasting impact on Hong Kong cinema.
Brigitte Lin's cinematic legacy remains enduring, and her influence on the industry continues to be celebrated by fans and fellow filmmakers alike.

Joey Wong

Joey Wong is indeed a captivating actress, widely recognized for her notable role in "A Chinese Ghost Story." This film not only showcased her dramatic talents but also left a lasting impression due to her portrayal of a ghastly character on screen. Joey's ability to bring depth to her roles, coupled with her distinctive presence, contributed to her popularity in the industry.

While Joey Wong was primarily known for her dramatic performances, she demonstrated versatility in her acting career. Her involvement in projects like "The East is Red," alongside Brigitte Lin, and her collaboration with Jackie Chan in "City Hunter" highlighted her ability to navigate different genres.

The success of "A Chinese Ghost Story" led to Joey Wong being cast in subsequent installments of the series, including "A Chinese Ghost Story 2 and 3." Additionally, she took on roles in films such as "A Picture of a Nymph" with Yuen Biao and "Eternal Combat" with Lam Ching Ying, further showcasing her range as an actress.
Joey Wong's impact on the genre, particularly in ghost story movies, is evident in the success and popularity of the films she participated in. Her ability to bring depth and authenticity to her characters has earned her a lasting place in the hearts of fans.

Michiko Nishiwaki

Michiko Nishiwaki is indeed a multifaceted individual, showcasing her talents not only as an actress but also as a successful businesswoman with ownership of several gyms in Japan. Her versatility extends beyond the entertainment industry, adding depth to her professional pursuits.
While Michiko had appearances onscreen in Japan, her collaboration with Jackie Chan in "My Lucky Stars" marked her entry into Hong Kong cinema. Despite playing a small role in this film, her subsequent roles beside renowned actors like Chow Yun Fat and Andy Lau in "God of Gamblers" demonstrated her ability to work alongside screen greats.

In addition to her appearance in "God of Gamblers," Michiko's roles in films like "Magic Cop" (aka "Mr. Vampire 5") alongside Lam Ching Ying and "Outlaw Brothers" with Frankie Chan, Mok Siu Cheung, and Yukari Oshima showcased her diverse range as an actress.

While her appearances in Hong Kong classics may not have been as extensive, Michiko Nishiwaki's impact in the films she participated in has left an impression on audiences. As a successful businesswoman and actress, her contributions to both fields have added to her multifaceted legacy. Fans may hope to see her on screen again in the future, contributing to the cinematic landscape with her unique presence.


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