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Derek Yee ,Pauline Wong ,Poon Chun Wai , Joh Yin Ling ,Chor Yuen ,Liu Lai Ling ,
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Latest Reviews
The 4th Qing Prince (Carter Wong) has sold a precious pearl being Dharma' relic to the Japanese and view
Lo Lieh plays Shen Wu Hai, a famous assassin who is chased by a lot of people.

While everybody t view
I've only recently become a fan of Wang Kuan Hsiung especially after this movie.
It's not action pa view
Well can't say much for the storyline, it's revolves around Bruce Lee's death and
conspiracy behin view
Lo lieh plays Piu, a warlord who targets a village with his men in order to get money.
Kuo Chui pla view
A classic gambling movie, with some people reuniting once a year for a giant gambling game without a view
The master of the righteous sect Supreme Gate is killed by Shih Kien, who steals the supreme weapons view
I finally put my hands on a Mandarin with English subtitles of Scorching sun, fierce wind, wild fir view
Jade Fox is a brilliant shapes movie with Tien Peng as the illustrious character Jade Fox
WhoĆ­s k view
This is a synopsis written by my brother Anthony.

Killer Shao Fung (Wang Kuan Hsiung) was seen st view

Rares Of The Week see more

Layout aka Hero From Shanghai aka Hero Of Shanghai

Starring: Chen Kwan Tai, Hu Chin, Sally Chen, Tien Yeh, Jimmy Lee, Chiang Tao, Kam Kong, Shih Chung Tin, Ma Kei, Wu Jiaxiang, Tommy Lee, Chan Muk Chuan, Lee Man Tai, Cho Boon Feng, Suen Lam, Lee Ying, Sham Chin Bo, Shih Ting Ken, Heung Wan Pang

Rainny Night's Killer aka Rainy Night Killer aka Rainny Night Killer aka Yue Yau Saai Sau

Starring: Au Wai, Lung Fei, Shih Ting Ken, Hong Hoi aka Kang Kai, Shan mao, Man Chung San, Wong Ching, Yuen Sam, Lam Lam, Mang Ting, Lui Jun

Very Rare Punch & Block Classic!!!

Wolf Devil Woman aka Wolfen Queen aka Long Lui Baak Moh

Starring: Ching Ling aka (Pearl Cheung Ling), Wang Hsieh, Sek Fung, Ho Hing Nam, So Yuen Fung, Sek Ying, Philip So Yuen Fung, Clement Yip Chiu Yuk Woo Chung, Pa Gwoh, Cheung Yue Cheung, Wong Pui Yee, Pooi Tak Wan

COLLECTORS FLK Exclusive Subbed & Dubbed Classic!

Martial Hero aka Tiger From Canton aka Martial Hero of Southern Frontier

Starring: Yeung Wai,Tina Chin Fei,Eddie Kao,Tong Tin Hei,Lee Man Tai,Chiang Nan,Lee Hon Shing,Chui Ga Lam,Lee Fung Laan,Lan Wei Lieh,Hon Yee Sang,Tang Ti,To Wing Leung, Mama Hung,Chan Seng Tong,Goo Chim Hung,Ng Hong Sang, Cheung Sek Aau,Gwaan Ban,Tam Wing Git,Lau Cheun

Rare!! P&B New English Dubbed FLK Project!!!

Pirate, The aka Da Hai Dao

Starring: Ti Lung, David Chiang, Fan Mei Sheng, Bruce Tong, Lo Dik, Dean Shek, Tien Ching, Wong Kwong Yue

COLLECTORS Subbed & Dubbed Blu Ray SB Classic!

The Blood Hero aka A Bloody Hero aka Blood Hero

Starring: Meng Fei, Unicorn Chan,Pomson Shi,Poon Yiu Kwan,Lee Hang,Amelie,Luo Ming,Koo Si Ting

COLLECTORS FLK Subbed & Dubbed RARE MENG FEI Classic!!! Letterbox Version!