Rare Shaw Brothers in English Dub

The Dragon Missile (1976), Web of Death (1976), Valley of the Fangs (1970)

The Dragon Missile (1976)

In an exciting tale of danger, Lo Lieh plays Sima Jun, an assassin working for the corrupt lord Qin Quan (Ku Feng). When Qin Quan falls ill, a doctor says only a rare herb, the "Longevity Rattan," can cure him. Sima Jun must get the herb from a distant village, but on his journey, he faces ruthless people willing to kill for it. Racing against time, Sima Jun fights to survive and bring back the antidote for Qin Quan.

Web of Death (1976)

The story revolves around the sinister leader of the Snake Clan on a quest for the legendary Five Poisons spider, a potent martial weapon. The spider possesses extraordinary powers, able to kill masses by trapping it's victims in a fatal flesh-burning cobweb. Forbidden and hidden for ages, the Spider Clan leader refuses to let it be used by anyone. To locate the spider, the Snake Clan leader creates a deception, making it appear that rival martial artist clans are also searching for it. This cunning ploy sets off a chain of confusion, fatal errors, and intricate plots within the martial world.

Valley of the Fangs (1970)

During the Ming Dynasty, a child emperor assumes the throne after the death of his predecessor, paving the way for the corrupt Prime Minister, Jia Shou Dao, to wield power in the shadows. Song Yuan, a vocal critic imprisoned for opposing the oppressive regime, receives an unexpected imperial pardon from the late emperor. With a chief judge’s urgent message, Song's wife and daughter disguise themselves as street entertainers to deliver the pardon, while nephew Jin Shi Kai seeks revenge.
Little do they know, the Prime Minister dispatches the corrupt Commander Gao Si Xian and his deputies to thwart their mission. Along the way, they befriend the wandering swordsman You Ru Long, who becomes their protector. A reward for their capture attracts the attention of Imperial laborer Hu San, leading to a deadly confrontation in the ominous 'Valley of the Fangs.'


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