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Subject: The quadrals of the Lo's 1968

The quadrals of the Los 1968

Well..I couldn't help but watch this movie as soon as I found it on youtube !!

And it wasn't a loss of time ! What a superb movie (yes, I know, here I am again with my " superb movies " !! :bs_smile.

Lee Shu (she is now called Li Hsuan on hkmdb ; another of my favourite actresses) and Tien Ming play a brother and a sister whose family (father, mother and younger sister) has been murdered by O Yau Man (another villain's role for this actor !) and his men. They both fall from a cliff while fighting them and their uncle and young cousin only find their servant (Got Siu Bo) alive after the fight.

I guess that the rest of the movie occurs years after the massacre, since brother and sister have been rescued by two martial arts masters (without knowing that the other is alive) and when they return to their town, they have been well trained in martial arts but they don't want to fight when they are bullied in order that no one can guess that they are here for revenge.

Lee Shu is helped by Yang Kwan when she is almost rape and they promise each other that if the other needs help, they' ll come to the rescue.

Lee Shu finds her brother and they both go to O Yau Man's house in order to get revenge, but they are both hurt and, while Tien Ming is rescued by O Yau Man's daughter and maid, Lee Shu is rescued by her own uncle.

O Yau Man's daughter (played by Florence Yu, Yang Kwan's wife in the real life) falls for Tien Ming (and he too) though she was promised by her father to Yang Kwan and when he leaves to take revenge, she asks him to not kill her father.

Finally, Lee Shu, Tien Ming, their cousin, Got Siu Bo and the uncle (played by Lei Ming, iin one of the rare roles of good guys I ever saw him in) go to take revenge on O Yau Man.

Though he killed her father, Florence Yu ends with Tien Ming, while Lee Shu leaves with Yang Kwan, who lost a arm while saving her life during the fight.

As I said, this movie is worth watching and has all what you want in a movie : a good plot, good fights and good sentiments.

Highly recommended !

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Posted: March 24, 2019, 8:03 am
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Never heard of this film. The review makes me want to scan this one tho.

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