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Subject: Wong An vs the flying tigers 1960

Here's another movie of the Wong An series, still staring Yu So Chau as Wong An, and Wu Lai Chi and Yam Yin as her two friends, all three of them skilled in martial arts and not afraid of beating groups of bandits !

Here's my review, or what I understood of what I saw :

Wong An (Yu So Chau) and her two friends (Wu Lai Chi and Yam Yin) help a woman addicted to gambling (Lee Suen) to escape the Big Boss of the casino, to which she has been lead by the boss' accomplice Law Lan. Shih Kien is the boss' friend, and the poor Lee Suen is successively framed by the big boss, then by this latter right hand, and finally by Shih Kien.
There are a lot of fights, with a memorable one between Yu So Chau and Shih Kien, a little bit of funny situations, (the funniest of them being when a servant knocks on Shih Kien's head believing that he knocks on the door) and a happy ending, of course.

It's a good old movie with three heroine showing what they are able to do against bandits !

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