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Subject: Seven warriors 1989

Lo lieh plays Piu, a warlord who targets a village with his men in order to get money.
Kuo Chui plays one of the villagers who goes to the town in order to get help. He meets Max Mok, very skilled in explosives, and Tony Leung Chiu Wai who is a righteous man and offers his help even if he doesn't fight very well.
At first, Max Mok doesn't want to help, but when he sees that Kuo Chui has been stolen by 2 bad soldiers, he finally agrees to help them and he leads them to his ancient chief, Adam Cheng, playing the Commander Chi. They then recruit some ancient men who were under Chi's commandment in the army (an expert in knives, an expert in guns, Wu Ma who plays " Ghost ", an officer) and the seven of them go to the village and train the villagers and trap all around the village.

At the beginning of the movie, Sammo Hung and his sister are chased by Piu and his men because they had told the villagers of their own village to revolt against the bandits and Sammo is killed, but his sister succeeds in escaping and she finds shelter in the village where Chi and his men are now living, and Tony Leung falls for her.

After a lot of bloodshed and heroic actions, Piu and Chi have a duel to the death and only Max Mok, Adam Cheng and Tony Leung are still alive after the fierce battle and Adam Cheng and Max Mok leave the village while Tony Leung stays with his beloved.

Superb movie, great cast, very good action and great performances from Lo Lieh and Adam Cheng, expecially in the final fight.

Chiao Chiao is mentioned as playing in this movie, but I didn't recognize her ; does anyone knows which role she played ?

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