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Subject: Moon and stars 1975

A nice little comedy with a good song sung by Adam Cheng at the beginning during the credits and another one sung by Tang Lang Hua during the movie.

Adam Cheng plays Chi Hua, who is in love with Tang Lang Hua, playing Mei Yen, but their respective mothers don't want them to date.

Chi Hua is a taxi driver and he meets Tien Ni, who leads him to a kind of hippy party and he has to hid because Mei Yen is there, helping people to put make up. As Mei Yen is bullied by some men at the party, Chi Hua finally shows up and fights and the couple finally quarrel because Mei Yen treats Chi Hua as a womanizer.

The two mothers then also have a quarrel and finally, Mei Yen is fired from her work because Chi Hua hit her boss and she becomes a singer and doesn't want to see him anymore.

Then, Chi Hua falls into Tien Ni arms, but when his mother tells him that Mei Yen works at the funeral shop and asks for help because a ghost wants to bully her, he runs there and she looses her work once again.

Later, they meet Kao Yuen and the two boys fight before knowing that Kao Yuen wants to lead Mei Yen to his boss in order that she becomes an actress.

During the filming, there is an epic battle between the two directors Chiang Nan, who wants to make a romance movie, and Au Yang Pei Shan (I don't remember his exact name, it's the guy who played in The wandering swordsman and used David Chiang in order to bully people) and Chi Hua and Mei Yen finally leave the film industry.

They have a discussion about people's purposes in life and go to the funeral shop and there, they meet the ghost again, who asks them for money and they only give him their surprised faces.

As I said, it's just a comedy and the subtitles were difficult to read, when they didn't disappeared from the screen...There are a few fights, in which Adam Cheng makes some parodies of shaolin moves, which is very funny, knowing how he fights in his martial arts movies and series...

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Posted: July 2, 2018, 3:56 pm
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