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Subject: The lady assassin (Vietnamese movie)

Four women leave in a retired tavern, where they kill and rob corrupted officials, helped by a goat herder, who is in love with one of them, Mai Thi.

After one of the killings, they discover a woman prisoner in a coffin called Lan Thi and the chief decides to train her to become an assassin, because she has told them that she wants to get revenge on a man called Quan Du, who is the same who killed the whole family of the chief woman.

Actually, it's discovered that the goat herder was the commander in second of Quan Du, and that Lan Thi is Quan Du's wife, who has been sent there in order to find a treasure that the women have robbed from him and to kill them.

But she has become friend with all of them and she sends a message to her husband making him believe that she has killed everybody and that he doesn't have to come to the tavern. Unfortunately, the herder has intercepted the message and Quan Du and his men attack the women and he has to fight not only the women robbers, but also his own wife.

Later, we see that Mai Thi has become a goat herder with her baby.

Very good movie, with good fights (but with too much of special effects...) and the final song is very good.

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Posted: July 2, 2018, 3:45 pm
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