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Subject: The casino 1981

A classic gambling movie, with some people reuniting once a year for a giant gambling game without any money limit. Among the players, there are Champ Wang, Elsa Yang, Gua Ah Leh, Suen Ga Lam...

During the game, a family arrives at the hotel : Ching Li, her husband, their son and her sister-in-law (I read on hkmdb that the actress is Li Han Xiang's daughter !). Ching Li asks her son to take care of her husband because she doesn't want him to gamble, while she goes to the garage in order to repair the car.

Of course, the husband asks Champ Wang to look at him when he plays, and he finally begins to gamble. He alternatively wins and looses and he finally gambles all the money they brought with them and in the final game, he is asked by the other players to get out because he doesn't have enough money to continue the game, though the says that he has a good hand, and he is so angry that he has a heart attack.

Then, Ching Li asks the players to continue the game in order to avoid that her husband dies for nothing, but she only has a few diamonds to gamble instead of money, and they all refuse to use the diamonds and want cash.

They all go to the bank in order to ask the banker (played by Chen Sing ) to lend her money, but he refuses and when they all return to the hotel, they all ask Ching Li to get out, but she begs them to let her play and finally, the banker comes, look at her husband's cards and agrees to lend her the money and the other players stop the game, believing that she has the four aces in her game, and she gains all what her husband had lost. When the waiter of the hotel takes a look to all the players' games after they left, he discovers that Ching Li had bluffed.

As it happened in The great cheat or Stunning gambling or Gambler's delight (Shaw Brothers) or maybe Notorious eight (I don't remember exactly which one, because the stories were very similar), all the story with Ching Li and her family was a great cheat towards the real players of the giant game and they share all the money, but they are caught by the police (which didn't happened in at least one of the movies I mentioned above).

And on the contrary to the above movies, there is no action at all in the movie, except the brain action.

Nice movie, with a music mixing Bruce Lee's movies' music, James Bond's movies' music and, if I'm not mistaken, the music of the movie Deaf and mute heroine.

I still wonder how Chinese composers managed to avoid being pursued by the lawyers for copying musics from American movies or even other Chinese movies...

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This is a really entertaining movie.

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Posted: July 3, 2018, 1:24 am
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