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Subject: Duel at the Supreme Gate 1968

The master of the righteous sect Supreme Gate is killed by Shih Kien, who steals the supreme weapons of the sect. Loh Ti goes to the Southern Sky sect in order to get a pill that could cure her master, but when she returns, it's too late and she is expelled because she is actually the murderer's daughter (and she didn't know it).

While trying to protect her Aunt from her father, she is hurt by this latter and she losts her sight.

Kelly Lai Chen is a renegade student of the sect who cheats Shih Kien in order to steal the Supreme Gate's weapons.

With Zhang Yang's help, Loh Ti finally recovers and when she learns that her former student has become the ruler of the Supreme Gate and is a robber, she is on her way to take revenge on him for all his bad deeds (he also killed her father)...

A superb movie, with a very good plot, a lot of emotions and good feelings.

Though Shih Kien plays another villain's role here, he is also able to show emotion and he finds his master as a bigger villain than him : Kelly Lai Chen.

Zhang Yang and Loh Ti are superb in this movie.

I had this movie sitting somewhere and waiting to be watched for a long time, and I don't regret to have watched it today !

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I agree this movie is a classic in every sense of the words used to describe this old school classic.

Shih Kin plays a fantastic villain as well as he plays the hero.

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Posted: June 30, 2018, 3:41 am
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