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Subject: Jade Fox aka Ninja Vs Jade Fox

Jade Fox is a brilliant shapes movie with Tien Peng as the illustrious character Jade Fox
WhoĆ­s known for his intelligence and his Kung fu skills.
Tien Peng although famous for his swordplay in most of his movies, in this movie he shows his talent in demonstrating hand-to-hand combat with good choreography, especially in his battles against the villainess Madam Chu Tien who is starred by Kao Pao Shu, the director of the movie. Her action scenes are what makes this shapes movie excellent and very entertaining. The storyline is also good as with many Tien Peng's movies, it has a twist, characters that are devious, filled with ambitions and having their own goals, there is a battle of the wits over the battle of Kung fu skills. Lung Chuan Erh, Nick Cheung, Eddie Kao and Lo Lieh all are major parts of this movie.

Posted: June 25, 2018, 3:47 am
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