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Who is liable for any packages stolen or not delivered?

Is it possible to cancel goods already ordered?

What would happen if the item I order is out of stock?

Returns Policy

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Exchange Rate Convertion

We Accept UK Pound Sterling, US Dollar and Euros. These currencies are automatically converted by the relevant bank that issued your credit card.

Shipping Rates And Options

There are 3 Shipping Options Available.

1. International Air Mail (Normal Postage)

2. Registered Air Mail

3. 5* Courier Service (For fast delivery)

Although we highly recommend Registered Air Mail the choice of international air mail is still available. However if you choose to use international air mail flkcinema.com will not take responsibility of any damage or loss of goods in transit .

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How Do I Place An Order?

Placing an order with flkcinema.com has been made fast and secure for your benefit. You can add items to your cart by easily by first:

1. Clicking the add to cart button displayed on the page displaying the desired film.

2.When you have finished adding all your desired films you may check your cart by clicking the cart button in the content bar which is located below the title bar at the top of your screen.

3. You may remove films from your cart and change the quantity of your films as you like.

4. Click the purchase button to continue.

5. Fill the order information form and click submit.

Before you purchase from flkcinema.Com you must register with us to ensure you do not keep entering new details every time you order and also you may login to check the status of your order.

How Do I Check The Status Of My Order?

You can easily check the status of your order by logging in to your account and clicking on the My Orders Button from the My Account Page.

If you need to trace your order please contact us on: facebook.

How Can I Pay?

Customers can pay by credit card and PayPal order. If you wish to pay Via PayPal please contact us via e-mail for further instructions.

Who Is Liable For Any Packages Stolen Or Not Delivered?

When ordering from courier services flkcinema.com will be liable for any packages stolen, lost, or delivered to the wrong address. We will repay you by crediting your account and giving you a credit code which you can use to order goods from us. However any orders delivered by Air mail is not insured and invariably creates all responsibilities and liabilities to you, the customer ordering the goods.

Is It Possible To Cancel Goods That Are Already Ordered?

Yes it is possible to cancel goods already ordered. however any cancelation that is made regarding a order must take place within 72 hours after the order has been placed any order that is cancelled after this period will be reffered to the customer service department and left to digressionary option by customer services, based on the circumstaces. flkcinema will not accept any cancelation under any circumstances after order has been notified for shipment or has been shipped.

Please note we can NOT cancel your order once it has been shipped however you may return it when you receive it as long as it does not contradict with the "Returns Policy" below.

What Would Happen If The Item I Ordered Is Out Of Stock?

Usually we do not display any item unless it is available on our film information page. However in the event that the film you ordered is out of stock or no longer available, you will not be charged or you will be refunded for this particular item.

Will I Be Charged A Custom's Fee?

For cost affectivity reasons, our main warehouse is based in Dubai. Thus being the fact that most of our merchandise is shipped form Dubai, Middle East. This may impose a customs charge on the customer, of which is derived from the value of the package.

If you as a customer has any problems with this please contact us through facebook.

Return Policy

Although all our goods are examined carefully and made sure they are up to standard before leaving the warehouse to be delivered to you. We understand that you may somehow be dissatisfied with your order and inquire about returning goods. Fortunately we do accept returns.

Unfortunately sometimes problems do occur. Our prime objective is to help and correct the problem as soon as possible. Although all our DVDs are all region, Common DVD problems can occur due to disc recognition errors and picture skipping. Most DVD problems are actually due to the result of the DVD player incompatibility, Some DVDs may cause problems on some players, but not on other players.

flkcinema.com can not guarantee that DVDs will play on DVD-ROM or DVD-RAM drives found on computers and video game systems. This is based simply on the fact that most computer based DVD-ROM players don't fully support the DVD-Video standards. flkcinema.com recommends high standard brand name DVD players such as Samsung, Pioneer, Panasonic, Sony, JVC, Toshiba and Philips.

What you need to do, if you are experiencing problems with a DVD. We strongly suggest you attempt to play that such DVD on a different brand name player. If the same problem occurs please fill in our RGN form below and the RGN Note that came with your goods on delivery and e-mail us at your earliest opportunity, for an RGN number. If the problem doesn't appear on the other DVD player, then you have a compatibility issue. A replacement DVD will not resolve the problem whatsoever in this instance. What you would need is to go back to your manufacturer or retailer and as them to upgrade your DVD machine.

Scratches on the surface of the disc are a common problem and are usually the result of the Disc being dislodged from the case spindle or from misuse. flkcinema avoids case spindle dislodgement by using quality cases, however we will gladly replace or repair at our digression DVDs that are faulty as a result of our warehouse distribution error. All DVDs are tested by flkcinema before being dispatched, hence a record is kept in regards to these checks.

If you have completed a RGN form and returned DVDs back to our warehouse distribution center, reporting your DVDs as being faulty or defective. If the DVD works fine on our machines. you will be fully responsible for return shipping.

All returns to flkcinema.com are the responsibility of the customer. If you agree to accept DVDs that are checked and are found to be workable on our machines they will be returned at no extra shipping cost. If you however require completely new replacements after they have been proven to be workable on our machines you will be fully responsible for shipping costs. There will also be a re-stocing fee of £2.00 for each DVD returned.

Please allow 21 for returned goods processing after it has been received by us. You will be notified via e-mail when your returned goods has been processed. We kindly as you not to contact us as to the processing of returned goods after 30 days

We can replace defective goods for a credit note or a replacement of the same order however, when you return a film you must abide by the following rules.

i. You must send it within 10 days of receiving your RGN (Returned Goods Number).

ii. The goods must have an explanation of the problem and a copy of the original invoice.

iii. Postal costs are NOT refundable.

iv. If you are returning the order due to the package being damaged when you received it please attach a note telling us how it is damaged. (We do not accept responsibility for customs investigation of goods from your residing country)

v. If seal is broken we will NOT accept the return for anything other than the exact same order. If However the seal is intact we reserve the right not to, but may exchange the film for a credit note. We also reserve the right to impose a stocking fee on goods returned that are not defective.

vi. Please Note all returns must be notified by e-mail where you'll be given a authorization code number to be specified on the returns document.

vii. Please note picture quality ratios are given for each DVD and flkcinema.com will not accept returned goods on the basis of quality dissatisfaction. An e-mail is also sent to remind customers as to quality ratio, before goods are dispatched.

What Are Taels And How Do I Earn Them?

Taels are reward points given to account holding customers for certain actions.

You Can find out how many taels you have by viewing your account page.

Actions that you can do to earn taels are:-

Purchasing a Film - 100 Taels

Purchasing a Sleeve - 15 Taels

Posting a review in our Catalog - 30 Taels

Creating a Topic on our Forum - 20 Taels

Making a Post on our Forum - 5 Taels

With Taels you can:

  • Purchase Sleeves To Be Sent Via Snail Mail

  • Purchase Flashlegs Wallpaper Designs For Your Desktop
  • Purchase Avatars For Use On Our Forum
  • Buy Movies To Include With Your Order.

  • Why Does Our DVDs Consist Of DVD-Rs?

    Please note that all our DVDs are High Grade DVD-Rs. If you are wondering why we only supply DVD-Rs it's simply because we are a rare kung fu DVD outlet and all our movies are either obselete or unheard of. In order for us to press these DVDs we most definitely would need to have a coroporate customer base to warrant this, however rare kung fu movies happens to be a limited market with a few fans scattered around the world.


    What Are Taels And How Do I Earn Them?

    These options is NO LONGER Available from 2008 that offers existing customers and Forum members the unique option to buy movies by utilising their Taels. You will need to have acquired 4500 taels per movie to purchase by way of this unique facility. How to aquire taels are stipulated above and each customer acquires 100 taels per movie when purchased. All customers or forum members who wish to utilise this facilty must send us a private message as to their choice in movie with their most recent order. This facility can only be utilised with a purchase order and to make it clear, all concerned must send a private message before their order is shipped. We will then deduct the neccessary taels and dispatch the movie with the pending order.

    From time to time there will be Taels bonus options which enables existing customers or forum members to acquire extra taels from a taels bonus options facility.

    FLK reserves the right to refuse this option to any one on the basis of misuse or fraudelent / manipulative acts that warrants discretionary exclusion as we see fit.

    This offer is only applicable to all catalogued movies in the value of £11.99 or less.

    What Does Quality Ratio Means?

    Picture Quality
    Remastered DVD quality version
    Original or from master SVHS/Reels
    Quality is at best


    Don't expect the best but ok
    Not Good
    Poor quality, usually collectors piece and maybe the only available in the world today


    What Is The Account Status For?

    The Account Status system has been setup as a special reward system for regular customers. Where a discount percentage will be reduced from the total cost of an order. These discounts will vary according to the status of your account.

    Various Account Statuses

    BASIC No Discount Reduced From Your Account This Basic Status is a standard status to every new user.
    SILVER 5% Discount Decreased From Every Order

    This Silver Status is automatically enabled after you purchase 20 films or more.

    This can also be enabled when another customer purchases 5 or more films and was refered to FLK Cinema by you.


    10% Discount Decreased From Every Order

    This Gold Status is automatically enabled after you purchase 40 films or more.

    This can also be enabled when another customer purchases 10 or more films and was refered to FLK Cinema by you.

    Gold Account benefits also includes 2 FREE quality upgrades per month with a already pending order.
    Shipping costs will have to be paid by customer for all upgrades.

    NOTE: Upgrades do not include version change. e.g. English Dubbed version to English Subtitled Version or vice versa. Upgrade simply means we're a company that do not want to practice one of the most annoying collector's money grabbing scams.

    Therefore we believe if you have paid for this movie in the past from flkcinema and we now have upgraded that particular movie to an enhanced quality, you should have the right to an upgrade having supported flkcinema by becoming a gold customer.

    Please note upgrade is only allowed once on any particular movie. This is a special scheme in order to support those who support us. (All upgrades will be sent without flashlegs design packaging, it will simply be dispatched in a dvd wallet) .

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